Huffing Jenkem at the Zen Center

from by Implosion Crusade



I was at the Buddhist temple talking to a monk
While he was quite stoic, he was also in a funk
He pulled out a plastic bag filled with fermented shit
And told me "motherfucker, it's about to get lit"

Plastic bag on my face
Breathing deep, human waste (x2)

Open a gateway to spiritual enlightenment
Go to a temple and bury your face in shit
Reincarnated, complicated
The rainbow tinged apex of our species
Lies in a bag of fermented feces
It's a trip, take a wretched dip

Those fucking wise old men sure do know how to get down!


from demo 2016, released July 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Implosion Crusade Providence, Rhode Island

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