Future Drinkers

from by Implosion Crusade



Don't tell me I don't get it
You're angry and in youth
I know the feeling
Because I was there too
But you'll drink someday
You'll get over your fears
Just because you're straight edge
Doesn't mean your thoughts are clear

The DARE program lied to your naive ass so now you think every drug is the same
Your yuppie teachers and shitty parents denied you experience in the life game
You now think if you have one beer your entire check will go to the bar
But you won't get addicted too fast because you'll really blow your money on your fucking car

If I had a time machine
I'd want to kick my future self's ass
Because I was
So bold in the past
But I never would have guessed
I just hadn't lived enough
Because when you're in high school
Life isn't very rough

You're all a bunch of future drinkers! (x3)
Suck my shit!


from demo 2016, released July 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Implosion Crusade Providence, Rhode Island

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