demo 2016

by Implosion Crusade

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Recorded on June 25, 2016 in Brighton Massachusetts
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Mark Cheney
All Music by Implosion Crusade
All Lyrics by Mike Brennan
Cover Photo by Mike St. Onge


released July 14, 2016

Mike Brennan - Vocals
Sean McQuade - Guitar
Cris Fabrizi - Bass
Cam Healy - Drums



all rights reserved


Implosion Crusade Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: Patronized
Every person that I don't know
Is telling me where my life should go
Without knowing who I am
Just feeding me a societal plan
I don't care about your mainstream goals
Or digging into material holes

I'm being patronized
Treated like I can't decide
My own life or what I want to be
By people who would never live in the city
I don't give a fuck about your worthless small town
Because only people like you are around

Corporate coffee shops
Populated by cops
And dead end shitty advice
Track Name: Exacerbating the Problem
Shut up and sit down
Don't blow your mouth out
Think for a minute before you speak
Control your thoughts
Be your own boss
Internal harmony is what you should seek
Pursue your interests
Don't get obsessive
Mind over matter works every time
And most important in case you overthink
Don't fly off in rage without reason or rhyme

Your life will get worse if you fall to this curse
So don't spiral into a blackened abyss
Surrounded by skeletons pouring from closets
A hallway of ghosts full of death to be kissed
Crumbling foundation, a sinking sensation
The house of your life will collapse to the ground
Scream all you want but for all of your panic
Your energy won't make a lasting sound
Track Name: Can't Stop Pissing
It's inappropriate but what else can I say
I feel like I piss about 50 times a day
A gallon of water and a six pack of beer
I'll unload my piss all over your fears

Can't stop pissing (x2)
Never stop the piss streams (x2)

I'll piss in your toilet and all over your lawn
If I was mad enough, I'd piss on your mom
I'll piss in the corner or the middle of the street
I might spray a yellow stream all over your feet

I might use my streams to put out a fire
Or melt some ice under your winter attire
You would do it too because you want the power
And if you wouldn't I'd call you a liar
Track Name: Future Drinkers
Don't tell me I don't get it
You're angry and in youth
I know the feeling
Because I was there too
But you'll drink someday
You'll get over your fears
Just because you're straight edge
Doesn't mean your thoughts are clear

The DARE program lied to your naive ass so now you think every drug is the same
Your yuppie teachers and shitty parents denied you experience in the life game
You now think if you have one beer your entire check will go to the bar
But you won't get addicted too fast because you'll really blow your money on your fucking car

If I had a time machine
I'd want to kick my future self's ass
Because I was
So bold in the past
But I never would have guessed
I just hadn't lived enough
Because when you're in high school
Life isn't very rough

You're all a bunch of future drinkers! (x3)
Suck my shit!
Track Name: NyQuil™ Overdose
I can't deal with chronic insomnia
So I need a little help dozing off
Went to the corner store and bought a little bottle
Enough of this should help me take the edge off
But in my state of fatigue near unconsciousness
I scoffed at the recommended dosage
Paid no mind to my overwhelming hubris
Woke up the next morning and I thought "I can do this"
But I took one look in the bathroom mirror
And I realized that I was tripping

I felt so embarrassed when I reached for the phone and had to call my boss
I was hoping to wait a few weeks to use that needed day off
Rolled on over for the next few hours and got some additional sleep
And when I woke up I thought to myself "Man, that shit was deep!"

Later that day I bought a vacuum cleaner
Redemption for being a total weiner
I guess that day wasn't a waste after all
Track Name: Huffing Jenkem at the Zen Center
I was at the Buddhist temple talking to a monk
While he was quite stoic, he was also in a funk
He pulled out a plastic bag filled with fermented shit
And told me "motherfucker, it's about to get lit"

Plastic bag on my face
Breathing deep, human waste (x2)

Open a gateway to spiritual enlightenment
Go to a temple and bury your face in shit
Reincarnated, complicated
The rainbow tinged apex of our species
Lies in a bag of fermented feces
It's a trip, take a wretched dip

Those fucking wise old men sure do know how to get down!
Track Name: Implosion Crusade
You think you really hate yourself and you can make bad decisions?
Then I recruit you for a quest to make life worth losing

This isn't the ice capades
It's an implosion crusade (x2)

How much vomit can you produce?
Or morals can you betray?
How can you live with yourself
At the end of the day?
Driving down the road a shaking mess
Convinced you're a pile of shit

Don't ever quit, don't ever quit
Feeling like shit (x2)